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Alphacat’s BTC bot predicts price with over 60% accuracy in April

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A bitcoin daily forecasting application from cryptoAI platform Alphacat reached an overall accuracy rate of 63.33%, with the BTC bot successfully predicting 19 days of results, according to company figures.

The higher accuracy level comes on the back of an improved calculation method released in April for the prediction of true rising probability. It means users get a more accurate scientific prediction than before, according to Alphacat.

Source: Alphacat blog on Medium

The accuracy rate is based on the probability of the “10 normal trades prediction”, which considers someone making a trade 10 times and predicting how many of these times the trade would be successful.


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Since every trade is based on uncertain events in the future, the likelihood of a normal trade being successful is always 50%. However, as shown in April’s retrospective summary, Alphacat’s accuracy forecast for BTC’s 24-hour rise probability has pushed this number to 63.3%. That means that more than 13% of normal trade probability was reached.

Alphacat is a Chinese startup that describes itself as the “world’s first robot adviser marketplace focused on cryptocurrencies”. It expects to be the world’s first platform providing various AI trading robots for users to offer investment advisory services.

In Q3 2018, the cryptoAI platform expects to be recording some 200 million datasets and have open beta versions of its daily forecasting for ETH, NEO and EOS. There will also be a closed beta version for real-time forecasting for BTC and ETH.


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