Sunday, July 22

DigiFi touts non-technical use of its new automated decision-making platform

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An enterprise SaaS company building “the next generation of decision automation technology” has launched a platform for business users.

But the platform isn’t just about automating for specific tasks, DigiFi’s tech tackles the entire decision processes and can be used by businesses of all sizes, according to a company statement.

Moreover, “non-technical” types can “easily create automated processes that gather data, execute rules, send communications and leverage machine learning”.

It does this by fitting the platform with machine learning algorithms for training predictive models, which require no data science knowledge.

In addition, there’s integration with data sources like third-party providers and internal company databases.

“Decision automation introduces opportunities for companies to utilize artificial intelligence, access better data, reduce operating costs and improve customer experiences,” said Brad Vanderstarren, President of DigiFi in a statement.

DigiFi’s team previously operated a financial technology platform and developed the process automation technology to address challenges they faced at both startups and established financial institutions.

The new platform branches out past financial services to healthcare, manufacturing, retail, government and other industries.


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